Tuesday, April 10, 2012

orange rolls!

These are soo yummy!! YOU WANT TO MAKE THESE........NOW!!!!!

in a bowl mix 1 Tbsp active yeast in 1/3 C. warm water and 1/2 tsp sugar. give it a little stir and let it poof about 5 min. While its poofing:

in your stand mixer bowl add 1C. scaled milk cooled (i put it in the microwave for 90 sec then let it cool while i added the other ingredients), 3 Tbsp melted butter, 3 eggs and mix with wire wisk. then add 1 C. flour and 1/2 C. sugar. By this time the yeast should be poofed so add that and gently mix.  Then add 3 C. flour and 1 tsp salt. You may need more flour. You dont want it overly sticky. It should come off the sides of the bowl. I think I added close to 4 C. total. Then take it out and drizzle some olive oil in the bowl and add the dough back and roll it so its all been coated. I let mine rise in the dryer to speed up the process. I put 3 big towels in and put it on high about 5 min then turned it off and put the bowl in covered in saran wrap and put the towel around the bowl and let it rise (with the dryer off!!) while i prepared the good stuff ;)
so while your dough is rising: melt 1 Stick of butter. Then add the zest of 2 oranges and 1/2 C. sugar. set aside. This will go on the dough.

Now in another bowl we're gonna make the icing.
1/2 stick softened butter, juice of 3 oranges, 1 tsp vanilla and about a half a bag powdered sugar.  You want it a bit thinner than frosting so you can put it on the warm rolls and it will seep throughout the entire roll.

Preheat oven to 375

After this your dough should be doubled in size. Roll out into a rectangle about 1/4" thick. Spread the orange zest goodness all around it. I sprinkled it with cinnamon too. then Roll it tight jelly style. Then pinch the ends to its sealed and cut about 1 1/4" inches thick and put in a greased 13X9 pan. I got 12 rolls but it depends on how big you cut yours on how many you will get. Let them rise a bit. Not too much as they will rise in the oven. just until they are all touching. I use a heating pad under my pan on high and it rises in about 15 minutes. Make sure you cover your pan.

Bake in your preheated oven for 20 min until they are browned. Let cool about 5 min then put the icing all over. YUMMY!!!!
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