Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cake balls

These are super yummy. This was my very first time making these so bare with me lol

Okay first bake a cake. any kind. I made a yellow cake and added pink food coloring (per my daughters request) after its baked throw it in a pan like so

Mix it until its all crumbs

add a can of frosting I used cream cheese frosting but any kind works. I think its the 16 oz can.

Mix until its all mixed together like so.
I used homemade frosting (and cake) but I think I used too much frosting..whoops

Roll into balls and put on wax paper on cookie sheets
(i'll admit mine looked like blobs on the cookie sheet cuz with the frosting they wouldn't roll but after in the freezer for 3 hours i was able to roll like this)

Roll in melted chocolate. any kind. I used milk chocolate chips
I keep mine in the freezer yummy...
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