Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dutch Oven Potatoes, Carrots & Chicken

This was very yummy. My kids loved it!
There arent any real measurements just however much you want.

You will need
potatoes, peeled and diced up - 1 used about 5-6
1 onions chopped up
baby carrots- i used 3/4 of a 2 lb bag and i chopped them up
1 lb bacon
some chicken tenderloins cut up- i used about 10 i think
some shredded cheese
7-up/sprite - you can use a can i had a 2 liter and poured whatever i thought seemed good

Okay first get your dutch oven all heated up.
Fry the bacon in it, remove it and crumble or i used scissors and cut it up. and return to dutch oven. add your onion fry that for a bit. then add the potatoes, carrots and chicken. Pour the 7-up over and cook till done. I checked on it and stirred occasionally. When done top with cheese and heat until melted. Serve!
I found its really yummy to add some cajun seasoning or cayenne pepper. yummy!!

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