Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jello Cups

These are so fun and so easy. They are a little time consuming though.
So you pick out some colors of jello you want and get some clear cups. I used plastic ones so we could just toss them later.
Use the small packages of jello
For these I made 7
you make one at a time. Make it with 1 C. boiling water then add enough ice to cool which is about 7 pieces then stir until cool then remove the leftover ice. Pour about 1/2 or a little more in the cups then reserve the rest. Put the cups in the fridge to set up about 30 min. While they are setting up add some cool whip (or homemade which i did which taste SO much better) or plain yogurt. I used about 1/4- 1/3 C. mix well. I used a wisk. THen when the first layer is set up add this layer. THis layer will be a little thick so just mix it a little and SPOON it in. THe key is to make sure the layer is pretty set and SPOON it. If you dont you'll end up with what happened to my green layer. It kinda mixed with the blue so you dont see the different colors.  Repeat with as many layers as you want and top with some homemade whip cream. 
I have to say these are SOO yummy. I'm making them again today. All 3 of my kids (10, 3, 3) LOVED them.
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