Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I know a lot of people arent sure how to cook or eat an artichoke so I figured I'd do a step by step

Here are the artichokes from the store

Cut off the stems and discard them

Add to a big pot of water

Boil for about 20-35 minutes until when you pull on a leaf it comes off easily

Here it is all cooked. Push on the center to get the leaves to fan out like this.
Melt butter in a dish and add salt, garlic salt or whatever. Then dip each leaf into the butter and scrap on the flesh with your teeth to eat it. Then discard the remainder of the leaf. (Dont eat the sharp end)

Here is the center (Heart) of the artichoke.  It will have some of the tiny sharp leaves and fuzz. DONT EAT IT!!! Remove these leaves

THen you will get to this fuzz. Scrape it off with a fork or spoon

It should look like this. Then cut it up dip in butter and eat it. This is the best part
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